Kingsland Catfish Festival is One for the Books

Kingsland lies along the southern Georgia coast, making it home to many wonderful sights, good weather, and fun events. Held annually in November, the Catfish Festival event is truly one of many things that makes Kingsland feel like the lovely, homey town it is.

Year after year, the historic streets of downtown Kingsland are packed full of arts and crafts booths, a children’s amusement area, live music, and a plethora of ways to enjoy the day with friends and family.

The Catfish Festival has events going all day that aren’t to be missed. Get a running head start with the annual 5K and then stay downtown to watch the lively parade that brings a pop of color to the streets of Kingsland. Also bringing life to the downtown area are arts and crafts vendors that are set up all day to showcase all the local goodies you won’t find anywhere else. This family friendly event also has an amusement area just for your kids! Another fun festivity happening at the Catfish Festival is live music performances. Each year, many talented musicians take the stage to bring forth entertainment and great music for all to enjoy. Some of the local musicians include Bluff 5 Band, and Saltwater Gypsies.

Who could forget about food? It’s usually not a wise decision to go places while hungry, but the Catfish Festival is one exception. The food here is filling, scrumptious, and is what makes the festival complete! Catfish is always undoubtedly amazing here (if you couldn’t guess from the name of the festival). In addition to the differing tasty catfish dishes, the menu expands to provide something for everyone. Some of the delicious food at the festival include hot dogs, hamburgers, onion rings, fries, barbeque, Asian fare, meat kabobs, chicken, and sausage. Of course there’s also the classic festival staples here like boiled peanuts, funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, sweets, treats, and ice-cold beverages.

With 40 years under its belt, you could say the Catfish Festival is seasoned in providing family fun. Throughout the years, this festival has grown exponentially with the help of the Kingsland Downtown Development Authority and The City of Kingsland. It’s one of Camden County’s largest and most well-known festivals and has even received multiple regional and national awards. Residents and visitors alike find this event to be filled with joy and memories that last a lifetime.

Enjoy Your Stay

Whether you’re local to Kingsland, or you’re coming from out of town to enjoy this awesome festival, spending the night out never became so easy. Being right off I-95, Kingsland has a broad spectrum of lodging options. From big name hotels, to camping and RV parks, you’ll find it simple to stay. For more information on where to stay in Kingsland, visit

When it’s all said and done, the annual Catfish Festival in Kingsland is certainly one for the books. From delicious food, to lively entertainment, to activities for all ages, it brings on a day filled with fun for the whole family. Visit Kingsland, Georgia for the Catfish Festival in November to reel in the fall with an amazing event.

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